Mr. Wilkey since September 2015, has been honored to serve as a staff contributor to Life Science Compliance (LSC), Policy and Medicine, focusing on FDA regulatory, pharmaceutical, and medical device based issues, including hosting a number of publications to date:


Thunderstruck - New OIG Guidance on Permissive Exclusion & Integrity ObligationsLife Science Compliance Updates, Vol. 2.6 (June 2016)


Breathing Life into Privilege – Internal Corporate Investigations, Attorney-Client Privilege, and the False Claims Act, Life Science Compliance Updates, Vol. 2.5 (2016)


Flint Michigan: Time to Expand the Exceptions to Sovereign Immunity for Mass Torts, WLC, Vol. 2, Issue No. 1 (2016)


Be Careful What You Sign Up For – Implied Certification and the False Claims Act (FCA), Life Science Compliance Update, Vol. 2.3 (2016)


Expanding the Older Adults Protection Services Act in Pennsylvania, WLC, Vol. 1, Issue No. 9 (2015)


Federal Preemption and Medtronic: The Seemingly Endless Merry-Go Round, LSC, Vol. 1.9 (2015)


Employment Wage Protection for Delivery Drivers of Online Mobile Food Ordering Companies, WLC, Vol. 1, Issue No. 10 (2015)


Allowing Industry to Decide its Own Regulatory Fate? Evaluating the Long-Term Significance of the Prevor Case, LSC, Vol. 2.0 (2015)


Gold Mining: The FCA and the Emergence of the Data-Driven Whistleblower, LSC, Vol. 3.0 (2016). 


Prior to this time, Mr. Wilkey served as Editor-in-Chief for a scholarly legal journal at the University of Iowa College of Law, and has also published peer-reviewed edited works in both law reviews and secondary legal journals, pertaining to issues involving employment law, whistleblower protection, international Internet censorship and regulatory issues, including the following publications: 


Robert N. Wilkey, The Non-Negotiable Employment Contract — Diagnosing the Employment Rights of Medical Residents, 44 Creighton L. Rev. 705 (2011) (cited in the New York Health Law Update, Vol. 19, No. 1)(2012)see also the Hospital Litigation Reporter, Vol. 23, No. 1 (Jan 2012).


Robert N. Wilkey, Federal Whistleblower Protection: A Means to Enforcing Maximum Hour Legislation for Medical Residents, William Mitchell Law Review, Vol. 30, Issue 1 (2003)


Robert N. Wilkey, Vietnam’s Anti-Trust Legislation and Subscription to E-Asean: An End to the Bamboo Firewall Over Internet Regulation? 20 J. Marshall J. Computer & Info. L. 631 (2002)see also Penelope Nicholson and Quan Hien Nguyen, Vietnamese Law: A Guide to Sources and Commentary, Journal of Comparative Law, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2007). 


Forthcoming Publications:


Robert N. Wilkey, Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) and Sleep Deprivation: Assessing the Role of Whistle-Blower Protection as a Means to Insure Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulatory Safety and Compliance.  


Mr. Wilkey remains active in legal scholarship and writing, including projects involving various legal whitepapers, Amicus Curiae, and other advocacy legal publications.  




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